The latest events involving the Embraced Partners

June 10, 2019

Blueprint, legislative barriers and stakeholders involvement: new deliverables available

In May 2019, the Embraced Consortium produced three relevant deliverables, publicly available in the Results section of this website.
Within the Work Package 6, which is in charge of the Legislative framework, standardization and social acceptance of the project, Legambiente drew up the report “Policy recommendation to overcome legislative barriers for the recovery of AHP waste as secondary raw material”. The study proposes regulatory recommendations regarding AHPs, based on best evidence from diverse countries and the most advanced processes. It adopts both a national and European focus. The main recommendations made foster the consolidation of “circular” policies and take as a model existing EoW criteria related to Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP) which are currently under approval or formalisation in Italy or other EU states.
The “Blueprint for the replication of the AHP pretreatment technology” was produced by Contarina within the Work Package 1, responsible for the Optimized waste logistic and feedstock preparation. The report provides guidelines for the replication in Europe and worldwide for the unique AHP waste recycling solution developed and patented by FaterSmart.
Lastly, the Deliverable 7.13 “Intermediate report on the roundtable with external stakeholders” refers to Work Package 7 running the Dissemination, exploitation and replication of Embraced project. Contarina set up a group of stakeholders interested in the project, in order to develop networks and collaboration, to help in gaining acceptance through the value chain and in paving the ground towards future replication of the biorefinery model. The report illustrates the work done in this sense, from the identification of relevant stakeholders to the activities aimed at engaging the group.

June 07, 2019

Embraced plenary meeting M24

After the first two years of implementation, Embraced partners met in Pescara, Italy, the 6th of June 2019. The main outcomes from the tasks completed and the deliverables submitted were shared with all the partners, and an action plan was discussed to achieve further progresses in the project development. The contents of the three latest public deliverables were presented: a report on the policy recommendations to overcome legislative barriers to the AHP waste valorization, produced by Legambiente; the Blueprint for the replication of the AHP pretreatment technology, and an Intermediate Report on the Stakeholder group meetings, both realised by Contarina. To learn more about the contents of these documents, please consult the Result section.

May 24, 2019

The Italian Minister of the Environment visits Contarina

The 23rd of May, the Italian Minister for the Environment and the Protection of the Land and the Sea, Sergio Costa, visited the Valorization and Recycling Center at Contarina Spa, an example of circular economy in waste management in 49 Municipalities of the Treviso area, partner of the Embraced consortium. The company, thanks to the door-to-door collection with a pay-as-you-throw policy has reached an 85% separate collection rate, and it can further increase thanks to the future development of the innovative AHPs recycling plant, finally operating at 100% as a result of the signing of the End of Waste decree. A technical-institutional visit to get to know Contarina, an example in the waste management sector, and to take a close look of the innovative plant for the recycling of Absorbent Hygiene Products installed at the Spresiano site and built by Fater Spa.

May 15, 2019

Second Embraced Stakeholder Group Meeting

20 stakeholders from 11 different countries, mainly waste operators, universities, international organizations and public authorities constitutes Embraced stakeholder group. Embraced 2nd Stakeholder Group meeting was hosted by BBI JU in Brussels, the 14th of May 2019. The meeting was focused on the legislative barriers to AHP waste recycling in Europe, with a focus on the implementation of End of Waste criteria for this specific waste stream and the related market uptake of the secondary raw materials recovered through the EMBRACED project. After the greetings from BBI JU, Embraced project was presented to the stakeholders, as well as the main results achieved after two years. The End of waste criteria progresses and learnings were analyzed from the Italian and Dutch perspective, the two poles of the project. Moreover, the European framework for the recovery of AHP waste as secondary raw materials was examined through the outcomes of the analysis developed by Embraced. To learn more about Embraced stakeholder group and the topics discussed during the meetings you can consult the D7.13 Intermediate Report on Stakeholder Meetings in the Results section.

May 15, 2019

AHP waste recycling legislation in Italy: green light from the Ministry of Environment

The End of Waste decree signed the 15th of May, by Minister Sergio Costa establishes the criteria that allows materials deriving from the recycling of diapers and feminine care products to be transformed and qualified as secondary raw materials that can be returned into the production process. A signature long overdue, which allows the development of a real circular economy and gives new impetus to the waste sector throughout the national territory. In the green economy sector, Italy marks an important record: the decree is the first, in Europe and worldwide, to establish the specific criteria for the cessation of waste qualification of this type of products. The unique technology developed by Fater for the recycling of AHP waste at Contarina plant, in Lovadina di Spresiano, can finally become fully operational. "A great day for circular economy – stated Sergio Costa - today I signed the decree allowing an all Italian industry that combines recycling and the consequent reduction of the problem of waste disposal to finally take off, with the creation of many jobs". Thanks to the decree, it will be possible to recover 900,000 tons of waste per year, avoiding landfilling or incineration. Starting from the first plant built at the Contarina site, the creation of another 60 micro-plants throughout the country is expected with the creation of over 1,000 new jobs.

January 1, 2019

Innovative smart bins for AHP waste recycling in the center of Amsterdam

Procter and Gamble, Terracycle, AEB and FaterSMART teamed up to launch an innovative AHP waste collection pilot program in Amsterdam. The diaper waste collection pilot was launched on Jan 9th 2019, and involved 200 families that volunteered to join, in three Amsterdam neighborhoods. The innovative “smart bins” technology allows parents to deposit diaper waste from all brands easily. The bins were installed in front of Etos drugstores or Companay & Partout daycares. They can be opened through a mobile App, which presents the consumer with an overview of the environmental benefits of recycling diapers and guides him through the recycling programme. The App locates the nearest available Smart bin and generates a bar code to unlock it. When the Smart bin closest to the consumer is full or under maintenance, the consumer can pick in the App the second nearest bin. After dropping their AHP waste, consumers can track their personal contribution to the environment as well as the collective contribution of their neighbourhood. Through Embraced project work, a revolutionary recycling technique for AHP waste will be implemented in the Netherlands, allowing to produce high-value products from secondary raw materials, such as fabric bags, moisture absorbent products and plastic bottle caps.

15 May 2018
Contarina, Fater
2nd Stakeholder Group Meeting

28 November 2018
Ecoforum Lombardia

07 November 2018
Ecomondo stakeholder group workshop

19 October 2018
Inauguration Mater-Biopolymer Patrica

17-19 October 2018
Outlook Dubrovnik 2018

December 6th, 2017
BBI Stakeholder Forum

November 9th, 2017
Edizioni Ambiente
Third session - Circular raw materials use and supply

October 24th - 25th, 2017
Inauguration of the up-graded AHP treatment plant at Contarina





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